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Our DarkRP server has many different paths you can go down while roleplaying. No more F4 menu, you go to NPCs placed around the map and talk to them to become jobs. Weapons are rare and have to be crafted with a leveling system built in. You can choose to become a police officer, police chief, fireman, paramedic, and even the mayor. You can also become a criminal and make money by making and selling drugs. Come join in on the fun and see what you've been missing.

Lightning Fast Load with FastDL (most of our content is on workshops.)

Realistic Jail/Bail system for police.

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Lots of unique content

Our server has a lot of unique content, if you are missing textures or seeing errors subscribe to our workshop collection on steam here

Reasons we are the best:

  • Character system
  • Meth/weed System
  • Job NPCs
  • VIP jobs and cars
  • Realistic Fire System
  • Weapon Crafting
  • Clothing Stores
  • Realistic Banking
  • Great Property System
  • Friendly Admins

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